Faculty Labs and Programs

Faculty research laboratories and programs in the Penn State Department of Animal Science.

Ovarian Function and Follicle Development

Sustainable Dairy Nutrition

Modification of Egg Composition

Research efforts are focused on how nutrition and management influence metabolic regulation in the horse.

Ovarian Biology

Management strategies for late gestation and early postpartum dairy cows that will minimize the incidence of periparturient metabolic disorders and enhance profitability on the dairy farm.

Nutrition and management related aspects of dairy calves and heifers as well as forage particle size issues with lactating dairy cows

Regulation of Biological Clocks

Avian Reproduction and Management

Molecular Endocrinology

Metabolic Endocrinology

Troy Ott, Professor of Reproductive Biology

The Troy Ott Laboratory is part of the Center for Reproductive Biology and Health in the Department of Animal Science.