Graduate Program

Research and study toward advanced degrees in animal science.

The Penn State Graduate Program in Animal Science offers master’s and doctoral degrees in the animal sciences at the University Park campus. Our degree programs are designed to provide the knowledge, training, and perspectives students need to take leadership roles in government, education, and industry. Disciplines include management, breeding and genomics, growth and development biology, meat science, nutrition, and nutritional, lactational, and reproductive physiology.

Master of Professional Studies Degree

The emphasis of this degree is on students learning how to apply knowledge as professional practitioners. Animal Science M.P.S. students choose a broad plan of study or intensive training in a specialized area of animal science in preparation for careers in education, extension, or industry.

Master of Science Degree

The Animal Science M.S. graduate program is a research-oriented degree requiring the successful completion of a research project and thesis. The completion of 30 credits, including at least 18 at the graduate level, is required.

Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Animal Science Ph.D. candidates engage in creative scholarship and research. Doctoral candidates must satisfy the two-semester residence requirement, write an acceptable dissertation, and pass both comprehensive and oral final examinations.

Minor in the Animal Science Graduate Program

This minor is for students majoring in other programs who choose to focus a portion of their academic work in a concentrated animal science discipline.

Intercollege Degree Programs

Earn your graduate degree through multiple Penn State colleges. Typical specialties include biochemistry, ecology, environmental pollution control, science and engineering, molecular cellular and integrative biosciences, plant biology, and more.

Admission to the Program

Degree requirements for master’s and doctoral programs and instructions on how to apply to the Animal Science graduate program.

Student Resources

Handbooks and student orientation, information for international students, scholarship and research integrity, funding opportunities, and more for new Animal Science graduate students.

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