Faculty Working in Dairy Nutrition and Physiology

Dairy nutrition and physiology researchers working in the Department of Animal Science.
  • Associate Professor of Nutritional Physiology


Areas of Expertise

  • Milk fat synthesis
  • Rumen fatty acid metabolism
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Professor of Dairy Science


Areas of Expertise

  • Heifer nutrition and management
  • Effective fiber for dairy cows
  • Distinguished Professor of Dairy Nutrition


Areas of Expertise

  • Dairy Nutrition
  • Protein Nutrition of Dairy Cows
  • Rumen Fermentation
  • Nitrogen Utilization
  • Methane Mitigation
  • Environment
  • Extension Specialist


Areas of Expertise

  • Dairy Cattle Nutrition
  • Dairy Cattle Feed Management
  • Dairy Cattle Business Management
  • University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Animal Science