History of the Department of Dairy and Animal Science

The origin of the Department of Dairy and Animal Science goes back to 1887, when Dr. Henry Armsby came to Penn State as Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station. The department has undergone a number of mergers and name changes since then.
Terry D. Etherton, Department Head

Terry D. Etherton, Department Head

On behalf of our faculty, staff and students, I invite you to read about the long and storied history of the Department of Dairy and Animal Science. The origins of the present-day Department date back to 1887! As you can imagine, since the first days of the University and Department much has happened, and thousands of individuals have passed through the gates of "Dear Old State." We in the department think it is important to share this wonderful legacy with you! I think you will be amazed at the impact our people and programs have had.

The impetus for this project was the recognition that we did not have a written history of the Department. As is always the case, as events and time move ahead, what has happened in the past can fade away. I think it is invaluable to have a written history of the Department to provide a foundation for our successors to appreciate the "lives and times" of so many who have been "touched" by the Department.

As you appreciate, generating an idea is of little value unless it leads to action. The idea to develop a history of the department was shared with some former faculty who launched the effort that led to this report. This group (Don Ace, Chair; Lester Burdette, Bob Cowan, Tom Merritt, Grant Sherritt, Larry Specht, and John Zeigler) did a marvelous job of exploring the many, many documents and photos dispersed around campus. They worked hard to capture the history of the Department. There are many entertaining stories they can share about "digging" out historical information that resides in the University Archives. My observation is that they had much fun, and I am very, very appreciative of their dedication and hard work.

In closing, enjoy reading about the history of the Department. If you have any perspectives or comments to share about it, please let me know by contacting ( ).

With all best wishes.

Terry D. Etherton
Department Head