Equine Research

Faculty, students and staff in our department conduct research that advances our understanding of factors that link health, nutrition and management with athletic and reproductive performance in horses.

Our mission is to ensure the continued improvement of equine health and reproduction, nutrition and performance.

We have the capability of studying the impact on the equine industry of critical issues like economics, nutrient management and the national animal identification system.  Penn State is uniquely suited to study these topics due to our faculty‚Äôs expertise in these areas.  In addition we have horses and facilities that allow us to conduct controlled research trials on campus.

Equine nutrition and physiology researchers working in the Department of Animal Science.

Research efforts are focused on how nutrition and management influence metabolic regulation in the horse.

Penn State's Equine Facilities include two horse barns with approximately 35 stalls, an indoor arena, a round pen, and paddocks and pastures.

Penn State Equine Research Team students traveled to Kentucky for the fourth annual symposium, sharing information on research projects with students from the University of Kentucky and the Ohio State University.

The Extension Equine Team provides educational information, support and programs for the equine industry.