Research focused on dairy management, genetics and genomics, and nutrition and physiology.

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Department of Animal Science Faculty Member Named Distinguished Professor

Alexander N. Hristov, Ph.D., P.A.S. recognized for his accomplishments in research, teaching and service.

Chinese Dairy Leader Provides Overview of Growing Industry

Dengpan Bu, Ph.D., discussed the economic benefits of research and interacted with faculty on potential collaborative efforts.

Correct dosage of methane-inhibiting additive in dairy cow feed shown in study

Alex Hristov, distinguished professor of dairy nutrition in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, worked with an international team of researchers to study a methane-inhibiting supplement in dairy cattle feed.

Dairy Barns

The Dairy Barns are located off of Park Avenue, directly across from Beaver Stadium. Approximately 500 animals are housed at the dairy facilities.

Feed supplement for dairy cows cuts their methane emission by about a quarter

A recently published study by Department of Animal Science researcher Dr. Alex Hristov shows promise in reducing methane production in cows.

Kevin Harvatine Recognized at ADSA Annual Meeting

Harvatine received the prestigious award for his research and educational leadership in identifying critical issues affecting the future of the dairy industry.

More accurate estimates of methane emissions from dairy cattle developed

Alex Hristov, Ph.D., professor of dairy nutrition in Penn State's Department of Animal Science, was lead researcher for a study of 5,200 lactating dairy cows with collaborating scientists from 15 countries.

New Penn State-USDA patented technology removes phosphorus from manure

Designed as a mobile system, the three-stage process could have huge impact on water quality challenges.

Penn State Extension Dairy Team

The Extension Dairy Team provides educational information, support and programs for the dairy industry.

Research Focuses on Lost Genetic Diversity

Chad Dechow and Wansheng Liu conduct research that may help to reintroduce valuable genetic variance. Article by Amy Duke, Public Relations Specialist, College of Agricultural Sciences.

Student workers receive hands-on experience with deer at Penn State center

Penn State's Deer Research Center introduces students to industry regulations and inspections while working in a captive wildlife facility.