PDF document, 3.2 MB

Climate change, methane emission and livestock production - Indian perspective


PDF document, 1.9 MB

Feed and Nutrition Network - FNN - Livestock Research Group

Extension Circular 385 Management of Dairy Heifers

PDF document, 2.3 MB


PDF document, 2.0 MB

Use of the milk MIR spectra with a lactation stage specific model to predict CH4 emitted by dairy cows


PDF document, 193.8 KB

Mitigating enteric methane emissions: impact of nutritional quality of grass herbage and grass silage

Penn State: The Second Land Grant University Poster

PDF document, 1.2 MB

Agricultural Alternatives: Rabbit Production

PDF document, 170.0 KB


Partial Budgeting for Agricultural Businesses

PDF document, 488.3 KB


Agribusiness Planning: Providing Direction for Agricultural Firms

PDF document, 582.4 KB



PDF document, 719.7 KB

HN workshop

PDF document, 216.7 KB

Animal health and greenhouse gas emissions intensity network


PDF document, 1.2 MB

VCPR Form-08

PDF document, 9.1 KB

Ayrshire – Junior Dairy Show

PDF document, 62.5 KB

Artificial Insemination For Swine

PDF document, 114.2 KB

Ayrshire – Junior Dairy Show

PDF document, 625.0 KB

Horse Production Project Record 1 - Brood Mare

PDF document, 710.9 KB

Animal Owner or Caretakers' Verification of Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship

PDF document, 184.6 KB

FNN - UK Partner

PDF document, 524.5 KB

Research activities related to the mitigation of enteric methane production in ruminants

1 - 2 Exam Rec

PDF document, 33.5 KB

Brown Swiss – Junior Dairy Show

PDF document, 75.1 KB

Understanding and Using MUNs

PDF document, 249.2 KB

Project Summary

PDF document, 84.1 KB

RMG Sharon Huws

PDF document, 378.4 KB

Long-term vision for the rumen microbial network and critical steps

Jose GRN Report

PDF document, 794.6 KB

Grassland Research Network (GRN)

GRA - LRG Network

PDF document, 1.3 MB

RuminOmics Connecting the animal genome, the intestinal microbiome and nutrition to enhance the efficiency of ruminant digestion and to mitigate the environmental impacts of ruminant livestock production

Livestock Final

PDF document, 572.0 KB

Penn State Dairy Judging Contest Intermediate 4H Division

PDF document, 214.5 KB

3 - 4 Exam Rec

PDF document, 37.5 KB

4H Dairy Beef

PDF document, 17.1 MB

4H Trail Ride

PDF document, 1.1 MB

Effect of Diet on Vascular Reactivity: An Emerging Marker for Vascular Risk

PDF document, 621.7 KB

It Takes More than Two: A Team Approach Spawns Reproductive-Biology Insights

PDF document, 561.3 KB

by Krista Weidner, published in Penn State Agriculture Magazine

Manual for Batch Mix Spreadsheet batchmix.xls

PDF document, 272.6 KB

Effects of Heat Stress on Post-absorptive Metabolism and Bioenergetics in Lactating Dairy Cows

PDF document, 675.5 KB

Dairy SOP

PDF document, 76.2 KB

Standard operating procedures for the Penn State Dairy Production Research and Teaching Facility

Reading - Huhtanen

PDF document, 3.8 MB

Comparison of active flux and passive concentration measurements of methane emissions from cattle

Private Treaty Sale

PDF document, 767.5 KB

Artificial Insemination Technique

PDF document, 95.5 KB

PA Dairy Tool Balance Sheet

PDF document, 20.3 KB

PA Dairy Tool balance sheet; updated June 30, 2008

Graduate Program in Animal Science Handbook

PDF document, 312.2 KB

Pangenome project

PDF document, 988.7 KB

International rumen pangenome program

MMN Reading - Levin

PDF document, 8.3 MB

Manure Management Network

RDewhurst Reading

PDF document, 1.1 MB

Overview on methane proxies (COST Action 'METHAGENE')

4H Market Swine

PDF document, 12.2 MB

FFA Results

PDF document, 91.2 KB


text/comma-separated-values, 7.9 KB

attempt 2

Animal Sciences Major: Science Option

PDF document, 56.0 KB

124 Total Credits Required

Animal Sciences Major: Business / Management Option

PDF document, 194.7 KB

124 Total Credits Required

Animal Sciences Major: Science Option (pdf)

PDF document, 57.7 KB

Contributors Letter

PDF document, 97.4 KB

Nature Climate 2925

PDF document, 867.2 KB

Fievez presentation

PDF document, 1.8 MB

Lipogenic and glucogenic compounds: their interaction with rumen metabolism, animal health, product quality and potential as biomarker

FNN - Inra UK Reading

PDF document, 1.5 MB

Focus on INRA ongoing research programs and methodologies related to FNN

Quality Deer Management Association

PDF document, 81.6 KB

Penn State Spring Judging Contest Official Placing and Cuts, Score by class 4H

PDF document, 1.1 MB

Penn State Spring Judging Contest Official Placing and Cuts, Score by class FFA

PDF document, 357.6 KB

Select Veal Feeds, Inc./Marcho Farms, Inc.

PDF document, 12.2 KB

Nomination Form

PDF document, 10.2 KB

4-H Horse References

PDF document, 486.6 KB

Example Data Template

PDF document, 93.7 KB

FNN Registration Form

PDF document, 89.6 KB

PSSC Reservation form

PDF document, 43.7 KB

Report Joint Workshop

PDF document, 806.3 KB

Sampling Presentation

PDF document, 959.8 KB

Zimmerman - Sampling strategies to measure enteric methane emissions

Minutes Joint Network

PDF document, 117.7 KB

4H Trail Ride Record

PDF document, 1.6 MB

Dairy Days Cow Camp Pics

PDF document, 528.8 KB

4-H Breeding Livestock Project LEASE AGREEMENT

PDF document, 71.4 KB

4-H Breeding Livestock Project LEASE AGREEMENT

PDF document, 120.8 KB

employee discipline handout

PDF document, 125.2 KB

Methan-early lactation

PDF document, 966.3 KB

Association between metabolic status and methane production in dairy cows

4-H Nomination Letter

PDF document, 17.3 KB

Carbohydrate Feeding: A Dairy Producer’s Perspective

PDF document, 69.6 KB

The Effects of Heat Stress on Production and Its Nutritional Implications

PDF document, 62.5 KB

Farm Finance Scorecard -- Established Operation (Owned Cows)

PDF document, 38.2 KB

Organic Dairy Transition Startup Operation

PDF document, 215.0 KB


PDF document, 21.3 KB

PA Dairy Tool Data Collection form

PDF document, 84.1 KB

PA Dairy Tool Data Collection form; revised June 30, 2008

PA Dairy Tool Income and Expense Data Form

PDF document, 17.8 KB

PA Dairy Tool Income and Expense Data Form; revised June 30, 2008

Animal Sciences Student Handbook

PDF document, 336.9 KB

Raw Milk PA Code factsheet

PDF document, 142.3 KB

Organic Dairy Transition Options

PDF document, 198.5 KB

Feed per Head per Day - - and Feed Prices Organic Feed Costs

PDF document, 36.0 KB

Non-Organic Feed Costs

PDF document, 35.8 KB

Farm Finance Scorecard -- Startup Organic Operation

PDF document, 38.3 KB

Common Silage Pitfalls

PDF document, 106.0 KB

Stockmen's Club 2014 By Laws

PDF document, 216.8 KB

Zoning Guidelines for Permitting Domestic Livestock Uses

PDF document, 266.0 KB

Business mgmt option

PDF document, 63.2 KB

U of Reading FNN presentation

PDF document, 8.3 MB

Global Research Alliance (GRA) Livestock Research Group (LRG) Network on feed and nutrition in relation to greenhouse gas emissions (GNN)

Herd-Expansion Calculator

PDF document, 16.9 KB

Kebreab Reading Global Network

PDF document, 1.1 MB

Creation of database for meta-analysis

Irish 2020

PDF document, 283.3 KB

Business Plans for Organic Dairy Transition

PDF document, 1017.8 KB

2021_One N Only_Breeding_Contract.pdf

PDF document, 257.1 KB

2021_PSU He Rox The Nite_Breeding_Contract.pdf

PDF document, 249.5 KB

2021_Red White N Good_Breeding_Contract.pdf

PDF document, 277.0 KB

2021_Time To Score_Breeding_Contract.pdf

PDF document, 248.0 KB