Research Areas

Research Areas in the Penn State Department of Animal Science.

Research projects are centered on the modification of meat, eggs, and milk, with the overarching goal of enhancing human health.

Research focuses on dairy management, genetics and genomics, and nutrition and physiology

Research in the Department of Animal Science includes the reproduction, nutrition, and management of deer.

Faculty, students and staff in our department conduct research that advances our understanding of factors that link health, nutrition and management with athletic and reproductive performance in horses.

Animal Science research in the areas of beef cattle, swine, meat goats, and sheep.

With research initiatives spanning from breeding decisions to food consumption, Penn State addresses the changing needs of the meat industry.

Research efforts focus on discovering and promoting efficient animal production systems that place a minimum burden on the environment.

Research topics include avian management, nutrition and physiology, environmental management, and modification of egg composition.

Teaching, research, and Extension activities at the Penn State Meats Laboratory and the Poultry Processing facility focus on the quality and safety of meat and poultry products.

Research topics include Regulation of Biological Clocks, Ovarian Biology, Avian Reproduction, Ovarian Function and Follicle Development, and Molecular Endocrinology