Doctor of Philosophy Degree

A Ph.D. in Animal Science is awarded for creative scholarship and research. A student is admitted to Ph.D. candidacy upon passing the candidacy examination. Doctoral candidates must satisfy the two-semester residence requirement, write an acceptable dissertation, and pass both comprehensive and final oral examinations.

Course, credit, residence, time, and minimum grade-point average requirements for a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Animal Science.

The Student Advisory Committee shall be appointed during the first semester of enrollment.

The purpose of the candidacy examination is to determine the student's qualifications to pursue a doctoral degree and to determine any course deficiencies that should be considered.

Credits may be applied toward requirements for the doctorate degree.

Policy for English Competency Assessment and Rectifying Deficiencies.

Coincident with admission to The Graduate School, the student shall be assigned to an adviser.

If desired by the student, the candidate's adviser, in consultation with the doctoral committee, will aid in selecting a minor field of study.

Overview of the comprehensive examination for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Animal Science.

Instructions for the Dissertation in the Doctor of Philosophy Degree program

A doctoral candidate who has satisfied all other requirements for the degree will be scheduled by the dean of The Graduate School, on the recommendation of the Doctoral Committee to take a final examination.