A doctoral candidate who has satisfied all other requirements for the degree will be scheduled by the dean of The Graduate School, on the recommendation of the Doctoral Committee to take a final examination.

The final examination must be scheduled with the Graduate School at least two weeks before the examination is to be held. The final examination may not be scheduled within three months of the comprehensive examination unless the Dean of the Graduate School grants permission.

The deadline for holding the examination prior to Commencement is listed in the Graduate School calendar. The examination is oral, open to the public, and related in large part to the thesis, but it may cover the whole field of study of the candidate without regard to courses that may have been taken here or elsewhere.

A favorable vote of a two-thirds majority of the members of the committee is required for passing. The results of the examination are reported on a form provided by the Dean of the Graduate School and will be entered upon the candidate's official record. If a candidate fails, it is the responsibility of the Doctoral Committee to determine whether another examination may be taken.