Instructions for the Dissertation in the Doctor of Philosophy Degree program

The dissertation shall be written in a form acceptable to the Graduate School and the Graduate Program in Animal Science. The thesis will be in a technical and grammatical form that is acceptable to the student's committee.

The committee may require the candidate to employ the services of a technical editor (at the candidate's expense) to aid the candidate to bring the paper into conformity. The thesis shall present data, results, and conclusions forthcoming from a research problem selected in consultation with the candidate's committee.

Upon completion of the dissertation, the candidate shall defend the thesis in a final oral examination conducted by the Doctoral Committee, and must be approved by the committee if a degree is to be awarded. The dissertation shall be in a final and polished form prior to the oral examination. After passing the exam, the doctoral candidate will present a public seminar on the research. The seminar is a part of the final evaluation of the candidate.

The thesis notation and reference procedures, where not otherwise specified by the Graduate School, shall be in the form and style of a recognized scientific journal. One acceptable copy of the dissertation shall be submitted electronically to the Graduate School as required.

Sufficient hard-bound copies shall be prepared to provide one copy each to the program, the adviser, and the co-adviser (if applicable). Good quality electrostatic reproductions are acceptable. These copies shall be produced at the candidate's expense. If an additional copy is required for a granting agency, the appropriate department will pay.


The candidate shall prepare one or more manuscripts based on his/her thesis research in a form suitable for publication in an appropriate refereed scientific journal. The manuscript(s) shall be prepared and submitted according to guidelines established by the Graduate Program in Animal Science.