Overview of the comprehensive examination for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Animal Science.

This examination may be taken only after completion of the language or communication requirements, and after the candidate has substantially completed required course work. Candidates are required to have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 for graduate courses completed at this University at the time the comprehensive examination is taken.

The examination is officially scheduled and announced by the dean of the Graduate School upon recommendation of the Doctoral Committee. It will include both written and oral phases and will be administered by the candidate's Doctoral Committee. The oral phase will have two parts:

  1. one consisting of a departmental seminar, and
  2. the second part will be an oral discussion/presentation to the Committee.

The candidate will be expected to demonstrate a high degree of competence in his/her specialty, in related areas, and in the solution of research problems. A favorable vote of at least two-thirds of the members of the committee is required for passing. Based on the candidate's performance in the examination, the committee may recommend to the dean one of the following actions:

  1. The candidate is passed, with no reservation, or subject to fulfillment of certain conditions.
  2. The candidate will be re-examined at a later date.
  3. The candidate is disapproved unconditionally for the degree.

Students must be registered, credit or noncredit, (Thesis Preparation 601 or 611) continuously each semester (excluding summers) beginning with the semester following the passing of the comprehensive examination and continuing each semester until the final oral examination is passed. However, students must be registered the semester of both the oral comprehensive examination and the final oral examination even if taken during Summer Session.