Animal Sciences student teams complete nationally and gain experience in judging, teamwork, and many other skills.

Students have the opportunity to travel and meet students on similar teams across the nation.

Team members work closely with our coaches and can develop good sportsmanship, the ability to make judgments, the ability to organize events, and the experience necessary to complete complex projects. This skill set will take them far on the job and in graduate school.

Dairy Cattle Judging Team

Penn State fields two dairy cattle judging teams that compete during the fall semester. One team typically travels to Eastern States Exposition, All-American Dairy Show, and World Dairy Expo during September and October. The other team competes at the North American Livestock Exposition contest in November. Team members are determined during a three-day tryout held in southeastern Pennsylvania. Students have the opportunity to refine their skills by practicing at outstanding herds throughout the judging season. Coach and contact for more information: Dale Olver. Prerequisite: Summer Try-outs

Dairy Challenge

The North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge has both regional events and a national event where students evaluate a whole farm system and make presentations to a panel of judges. Students who are in their senior year at Penn State have the opportunity to participate in the Northeast regional event and a team of four students are selected each year to represent Penn State at the national event. If space allows, juniors who meet the prerequisites may participate in the regional event. All dairy challenge students will review key information about all aspects of a dairy farm business and will evaluate a working dairy operation as preparation their participation in Dairy Challenge. Contact information: Lisa Holden or Gabriella Varga Prerequisite: ANSC 310, ANSC 350, ANSC 410

Equestrian Team

The Penn State Equestrian Team is comprised of about 70 members with an interest in horses and English hunt seat riding.

Horse Judging Team

Penn State fields two Horse Judging teams which compete in up to two national contests per year during the fall semester. Students can compete on the Jr. judging team as freshman or sophomores and on the Sr. Judging team as juniors or seniors. The team concentrates on judging American Quarter Horses and as such competes at the All American Quarter Horse Congress contest (Ohio) and at the AQHA World Championships (Okla). Students must take An Sc 217 and then enroll in An Sc 426 during the semester in which they are competing for a spot on the team. Coach and contact for more information: Brian Egan. Prerequisite: AN SC 217.

Livestock Judging Team

Students on the Livestock Judging Team learn to evaluate breeding and market classes of beef cattle, swine, and sheep. Prerequisite: AN SC 324.

Meat Judging and Intercollegiate Competitions

Penn State students have the opportunity to compete at the intercollegiate level on several meat related teams. Participation on the Intercollegiate Meat Judging Team allows students to develop skills and compete in the grading and evaluation of meat carcasses and cuts. The Meat Science Quiz Bowl Team competes in a fast-paced academically focused contest held each year at the Reciprocal Meat Conference (RMC). The Taste of RMC Team competes annually in the arena of meat product development in a contest with a clear culinary focus. The function of each of these teams in any year is dependent on having an adequate number of students interested and willing to participate. Contact Jonathan Campbell ( for more information.

Poultry Judging Team

The Poultry Judging Team competes at two national contests annually, one in spring (LSU) and one in fall (AR). Students must enroll in ANSC 421 (Spring 3-credit) - Poultry Evaluation and Selection, where they learn about poultry, poultry products, and poultry breed selection and evaluation. The Poultry team is made up of the four individuals that meet the college eligibility standards and achieve the highest score on the AN SC 421 mid-term exam. Coach and contact for more information: Phillip Clauer. Prerequisite: AN SC 421.