To apply for housing in facilities, students must first apply to work at the unit by contacting a barn manager;

Beef/Sheep, Wendall Landis, 814-863-0831

Dairy, Nadine Houck, 814-863-3809

Deer, Don Wagner, 814-865-8470

Horse, Dr. Ed Jedrzejewski, 814-863-0834

Meat, Glenn Myers, 814-865-1788

Poultry, Scott Kephart, 814-863-0510

Swine, Mark Kreidler, 814-865-5651

Students generally work 5-10 hours per week in exchange for housing. Any hours worked beyond this are paid. Each unit has its own set of rules regarding minimum number of hours, weekend and evening work and other expectations for their resident students.

The opportunity to work and live in the animal facilities is a privilege and can be a significant cost savings for families. The goal is to share this opportunity with as many students as possible during their time at Penn State. The program does not endorse first-year students living at the facilities.

Housing in University Residence Halls

Penn State Housing, Food Services, and Residence Life provide facilities, services, and special programming that enhance the on-campus living experience. Through the on-campus residence hall system, Penn State provides convenience, high value, security, and a wide scope of programs and services designed specifically for students.