Remember first and foremost, it is the student's ultimate responsibility to seek placement opportunities for internships or employment.

However, it is appropriate for the student to consult advisors, faculty and course instructors as part of the process. Technology makes the search process relatively easy. Web searches can lead to many opportunities with companies, associations, organizations and government agencies. Their employment sections now have intern opportunities listed. Advisers can provide industry contacts and /or referrals.

The Animal Science program also posts opportunities in three ways.

  1. All opportunities that come to the attention of the advising office are posted on the Animal Sciences News Group on ANGEL.
  2. Molly Martin and others email time sensitive internship and job announcements to students in the Animal Science major in addition to posting them in the content section of ANGEL.
  3. Molly Martin also posts hard copies of all announcements for internships or full time jobs on the bulletin board outside of 312 Henning.
  4. Equine Internship Opportunities
  5. College Career & Internship Opportunities web site

The college has purchased a new software system that allows faculty and students to access a database where employers post internship and job opportunities. Check out the AG SCI CAREER NETWORK! Faculty and staff can create an account as alumni to see what jobs and internships are posted. Students need to know how to use this system. Some companies are using it to pre-select for interviewees during the career fair.

All students should attend the career fairs held annually at the Bryce Jordan Center. The university wide career days are held in September and April. Ag Career Days is held in October. A list of companies attending the College of Agriculture Career Fair is always listed on the college web site prior to the day of the event. The Career Services web site also provides information on university wide events

Students should keep their resume current, so it is ready when needed. Advisors may want to keep a copy of each advisee's resume on file to help encourage this practice. Also use the College Career Services office for assistance with Resumes, and interviews.

Examples of companies and farms offering internships

  • Aldermere Farm
  • Alltech
  • Cargill
  • Centre Wildlife Care
  • Hanover Shoe Farm
  • Hoard's Dairyman
  • Kentucky Equine Management Program
  • Kreamer Feeds
  • Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
  • Pfizer
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Purina Mills
  • Select Sires
  • Tyson Foods

For further information or questions contact the Animal Science Internship Coordinator, Phillip J. Clauer, 814-863-8960