Giving to the Department

To maintain and build upon our department's history of achievement and excellence, the support of our friends and stakeholders is essential.

The Department of Animal Science’s rich history of achievement and excellence dates from its inception in 1907. That’s nearly 100 years of making a difference in the lives of people – with important scientific discoveries, outstanding educational opportunities, and the latest in agricultural techniques.

Today, the Department continues to build upon that tradition and strong heritage of leadership and distinction. We continuously strive to improve our service to our stakeholders - producers, processors, agribusinesses, and youth and rural residents.

To maintain and build upon this excellence, the support of friends and stakeholders of the Department is essential. We appreciate those who have contributed generously in the past. Additional support will enable the Department to enhance our education, research and outreach programs.


More than 50 scholarships  are available through the Department of Animal Science.

A number of non-scholarship endowments support various programs, farms and competitive teams in the Department.

4-H Horse Program

Learn about giving to the 4-H Horse Program

How to Give

You may wish to give to an endowment or scholarship fund that is already established to benefit the Department. The Giving Online page (instructions below) provides information about how to do this. There are many ways to offer contributions, including the opportunity to provide support each month by an automatic deduction from a bank account.

For those interested in creating an endowment, options include endowing faculty chairs, or you may wish to create an endowment that provides support for existing or new education, research and extension programs. You may elect to gift appreciated securities or create an estate gift.

If support of the Department of Animal Science is something you wish to consider, please contact Dr. Terry Etherton , Head of the Department of Animal Science, or Mark Theiss, Director of Development for the College of Agricultural Sciences (814-863-1168; ). They will be happy to discuss your interest in supporting the Department of Animal Science.

Each contribution adds significantly to our ability to carry on and expand our mission.

Giving Online

  1. Go to Penn State Online Giving.
  2. In the field, "If you selected "Other" please describe here:"
    • Enter: "Department of Animal Science"

Please note that if you do not specify a specific scholarship or endowment, your gift will go to the general Animal Science Fund.