Swine Center

The Penn State Swine Center, with a herd of 65 sows, has about 500 animals available to contribute to teaching and research at Penn State.

The swine facilities are located on Porter Road just down the hill from Beaver Stadium. The main swine facility consists of a feed manufacturing and storage area, and three wings that house pigs: one wing is used for housing and breeding replacement females (gilts), and the other two wings are used for growing pigs. 

The "Nebraska Barn," named after the design, houses growing pigs and sows. The newest facility, built in 1998, has two rooms for sows to give birth (farrow) and two accompanying nursery rooms to house pigs when they are weaned from the sow. There are also about two dozen pasture lots, which are used primarily to house sows during gestation.


Education comprises the majority of the demand for the pigs and the facilities at the Swine Center. This includes the following courses:

  • Ag 150 - Be a Master Student
  • AN SC 201 - Animal Science
  • An Sc 306 - Swine Management and Production
  • An Sc 324 - Value Determination of Meat Animals
  • An Sc 419 - Animal Welfare
  • An Sc 418 - Nutrient Management in Agricultural Systems
  • An Sc 424 - Livestock Breeding Evaluation and Selection
  • An Sc 426 - Advanced Judging and Selection

For More Information

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