The Poultry Education and Research Center (PERC) consists of six separate buildings occupying about 50,000 square feet.
Aerial view of the Poultry Education and Research Center

Aerial view of the Poultry Education and Research Center

Dedicated on May 19, 1994, the new $6 million Poultry Education and Research Center replaced the old research farm that was built in the 1930s and expanded in the 1950s.


Research Building (P-1)


  • Conference/classroom, environmental chambers, hatchery, feed mixing area, battery rooms, surgical suite, laboratory, student housing, and office

Meat Bird Building (P-2)

  • Four wings with 24 research pens each, and laboratory

Pullet Building (P-3)

  • Ten floor/battery rooms, large pullet cage rearing room, feed mixing and storage area, and laboratory

Cage Layer/Market Turkey Building (P-4)

  • Six floor/battery rooms, cage layer room (capacity 3,000 hens), egg storage area, egg analysis and processing center and laboratory, and 24 floor pens for market turkeys

Breeder Building (P-5)

  • Large cage room for male and female breeders, observational floor pens, egg cooler, and records laboratory

Processing Building (P-6)

  • Slaughter and evisceration rooms, walk-in cooler and freezer, laboratory, shop, and garage.The center has its own diesel-powered electrical generator for emergencies.

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Contact: Scott Kephart ( Manager, Poultry Education & Research Center