Dairy Barns

The Dairy Barns are located off of Park Avenue, directly across from Beaver Stadium. Approximately 500 animals are housed at the dairy facilities.

Listed below are some of these facilities:

  • The feed center is comprised of uprights silos, feed bins, and bunker silos.
  • The tie stall barn houses 60 cows.
  • The heifer free stall barn houses between 20-30 lactating cows and houses heifers ranging in age from 6 months to past breeding age.
  • The parlor milk cow free stall barn houses 120 lactating cows.
  • The B-Barn houses springing heifers.
  • The C-Barn houses dry cows.
  • The Intensive Research Barn can house 8 heifers and 8 cows and is used for research requiring intensive sampling.
  • The Calf barn houses calves from birth to 6 months.

For more information

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Standard Operating Procedures for the Penn State Dairy Barns.