Extension Programs

Posted: June 8, 2010

News about outreach programs

2010 Manure Expo

The Expo is a national event that is coming east for the first time.  The Manure Expo targets those that handle manure professionally or at home, as well as anyone working in nutrient management related fields.  This year’s Expo will be held at the Ag Progress Days facilities on Thursday, July 15.  Robb Meinen is the 2010 Manure Expo Chairman. The Expo will combine exhibits, technology demonstrations, and educational sessions. Speakers from 8 states and 11 institutions will provide educational programs. For more information contact Robb at (814) 865-5986 or by e-mail at

Development and implementation of an equine environmental stewardship program

This program will deliver education, outreach, and pasture evaluation tools collaboratively with NRCS and USDA to 10,000 horse farm operators. Many traditional farm service agencies do not have experience working with horse farm operations.  Horse farm operators do not necessarily come from a strong agricultural background, and there can be a knowledge gap on what the best practices are for managing vegetative cover, pasture quality, nutrients, and sediment loss.