Undergraduate News

Posted: June 8, 2010

Update about new minor

Equine Science Minor

As of mid-April, 59 students were enrolled in the Equine Science Minor and another 58 plan to enroll in the minor. Of these, 44 were in the AN SC major. A new course, AN SC 107, Introduction to Equine Science and the Equine Industry, has been approved. That course will be required for the minor and is a pre-requisite for AN SC 327.  Karen Vines teaches the new course, which will cover the basics so that the level of instruction of AN SC 327 and 407 can be increased. It is offered both fall and spring semesters and is delivered online to make it available for students beginning their Penn State experience at another campus.

Also approved this semester are two courses that will serve as electives for the minor: AN SC 127, Equine Events Management, and AN SC 477, Riding Instructor Training. Both courses will be taught by Ann Swinker.