From Terry Etherton

Posted: June 8, 2010

I am writing this and reflecting on the College of Agricultural Sciences graduation that was held at Eisenhower Auditorium on May 15.

Dr. Terry Etherton  There was a huge crowd with the always present “reality” of family and friends gathering to watch and celebrate their student graduate.

The College hosts a brunch for graduates and their families/friends after the ceremony at the IM Building.  This year was special in that there were over 1,000 attendees (a record attendance)!  A big crowd filled with all the joy that comes from participating in a special transition from school to the “next step” in the career path.

I have been at Penn State for 31 years, and have lost track of the number of graduation ceremonies I have attended.  What I never lose track of is the magic of the event, the graduates’ excitement at looking forward to the adventures that await in their next career step, and the sense of “wow”, College went by fast.  It is such a pleasure to be part of this, and deeply know that our faculty and staff work at high velocity to provide a world-class education to a lot of students!

In closing, as you appreciate, we are committed to embracing change in a way that builds on the excellence that we pepresent.  We share in the graduates’ excitement about graduating from Penn State.  And, we in the Department enjoy the sense of excitement that results from our pursuit of excellence, and providing a world-class education to our students and others around the World.

Take care, and if there is anything we in the Department can help you with, please let me know (; 814-863-3665).  Have a wonderful and productive Summer!

Terry D. Etherton
Department Head and Distinguished Professor of Animal Nutrition