Graduate Student News

Posted: January 18, 2010

Degrees, exams, defenses, theses and dissertations, study abroad...
  • Donna (Sage) Clark and Meghan Gerber received their M.S. degrees in Animal Science and Karen Racicot received her Ph.D. in Animal Science at commencement ceremonies in August. Sage and Karen were advised by Troy Ott and Meghan was advised by Ann Swinker. Sage is currently working as a Cattle Embryologist at J.R. Simplot Co. Emmett, ID. Karen is a post-doc in Joy Pate’s lab.
  • Sadhat Walusimbi, a student of Joy Pate's, passed his candidacy exam in September.
  • Suzie Reding, M.S. student of Jon Oatley, successfully defended her thesis in August. She is now working as a research technician in the Oatley Laboratory.
  •  Yinglu Wang, advisee of Craig Baumrucker, passed her M.S. thesis defense in July.
  • Javier Suarez, Gustavo Lascano, and Daryl Mulfair, advisees of Jud Heinrichs, studied this summer at the University of Bologna, Italy.