Judging Teams

Posted: January 18, 2010

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The team was the Reserve National Champion Meat Science Quiz Bowl Team, placing second out of 24 teams from 14 universities at the Reciprocal Meat Conference in June. Winning team members were Dustin Brown , Kristina McAllister , and Amy Shollenberger . Other team members were Allison Bardella , Mairen Fitzpatrick , Ryan Fairbairn , and Jami Willard . This was Penn State's first time to participate in this competition. Texas Tech University won the final match.


The team spent a week in October at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, OH, preparing for and competing in the national contest. This year’s team included Samantha Greives , a senior in Animal Bioscience, who competed in the Senior Collegiate division, and a team of sophomores who competed in the Junior Collegiate division.

The sophomore team members were the following:

  • Ashley Bennett (Broadcast Journalism, Eq Sc Minor)
  • Linsey Etz (An Sc, Eq Sc Minor)
  • Stephanie Larry (An Sc, Eq Sc Minor)
  • Chelsie Walter (An Sc, Eq Sc Minor).

Highlights included the following:

Halter Judging

  • Stephanie Larry , second
  • Linsey Etz , seventh
  • Chelsie Walter , seventeenth
  • Team , sixth

Performance Judging

  • Ashley Bennett , eighth
  • Stephanie Larry , eleventh
  • Chelsie Walter , eighteenth
  • Linsey Etz , fifth
  • Team , fourth

Oral Reasons

  • Linsey Etz , ninth
  • Stephanie Larry , twelfth
  • Team , fifth.


  • Stephanie Larry , sixth
  • Chelsie Walter , sixth
  • Linsey Etz , nineteenth
  • Team , fourth


The team competed in November in the National Collegiate Livestock Judging Contest held during the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, KY. The team that represented Penn State throughout the fall judging season at five major contests consisted of Travis Book , Shenna Kubeja , Danielle Maines , Kristina McAllister , Sally Oakes , Johanna Rohrer , Katlyn Tice , and Adam Wise . The team had a very impressive day at the National Contest and represented the university extremely well against stiff competition from 26 other universities.

Book, McAllister , Oakes, Rohrer, and Wise represented Penn State at this contest. They were second in placing classes of livestock out of 27 teams (130 individuals). Only the team from the University of Nebraska dropped fewer points placing classes than the team from Penn State, and only one person in the contest dropped fewer points placing than Rohrer. The team went on to finish fourth in sheep with Rohrer and Book finishing thirteenth and sixth respectively in sheep, 1-2 points out of the top 10. The team finished twelfth overall with Rohrer three points from making the top 20 overall.


The team had a successful fall campaign. Team members included Benjamin Cashell , Janelle Hartzell , Logan Horst , and Joseph Leslie . At the Eastern States Exposition, the team placed second overall and was high for Jerseys. Leslie was third high individual overall, Horst placed sixth, and Hartzell placed seventh. At the All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg the team was third high overall, and Leslie was second high individual.

At the National Intercollegiate Contest in Madison the team was fourth overall, second in reasons, and first in Brown Swiss and Red and Whites. Hartzell was high reasons individual and fourth high individual overall. Horst was high individual for Ayrshires, Guernseys, and Red and Whites and was fifth high overall. Another team consisting of Joshua Ebert , Elaina Rader , Rebecca Wenger , and Amy Yeiser competed at the North American Livestock Expo in Louisville and placed fifth overall, with Rader earning third high individual honors.