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Posted: December 17, 2008

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Horse Judging Team

The Horse Judging Team was 7th overall at the judging contest of the All-American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio. In the Senior Division, Cayce Walter , an Animal Sciences major, was high individual overall, 2nd high individual in halter, 4th in oral reasons, and 8th in performance.

Other team members were Erin Gray , Hillary Grube , Danielle Peters , and Kristina Pry . In the Senior Division, Pry was 9th high individual in halter, with the team placing 5th.

Hillary Grube was 18th high individual in performance, with the team placing 6th. The team also placed 8th in oral reasons. Animal Sciences students Constance Anderson , Krystal Miller , and Elaina Rader , competed in the Junior Collegiate Division. Miller was 12th in halter, 15th in reasons and 18th overall. Rader was 13th in halter, 21st in performance, 24th in reasons and 15th overall. Anderson was 24th in halter, 23rd in reasons and 20th overall.

Ten teams competed in that division. The Senior team competed at the American Quarter Horse Association World Championship Contest and the AQHA World Championship Show Horse Judging Contest in November in Oklahoma City, placing 12th in Halter, 10th in Performance, 10th in Reasons, and 11th overall. 

Livestock Judging Team

 Penn State Collegiate Livestock Judging Team at All-East Contest, 2008
Penn State Livestock Judging Team at the All-East Contest. Left to
Right: Coach Wendall Landis, Rick Jones, Mike Woods, Chris Molinaro,
Chrissy Chyko, Alison Walker, Chris Davis, Ashley Ruscio, Tiffany
Dean, Adam Zurin

The Livestock Judging Team successfully competed in 5 contests this fall.

Team members Chrissy Chyko , Chris Davis , Tiffany Dean , Chris Molinaro , Alison Walker , Mike Woods , and Adam Zurin competed at Eastern National in Timonium, MD, K.I.L.E in Harrisburg, Stockman’s Contest in Frankfurt, IN, American Royal in Kansas City, MO, and the North American International in Louisville, KY.

At Eastern National, the team competed against 4 other Universities. Chris Molinaro won high individual overall, and Adam Zurin was third overall.

The team finished second overall.  Molinaro was the 5th consecutive Penn State team member to win high individual at this contest in the last 5 years.

The team finished first in swine, second in sheep, and second in reasons.

In addition to high individual overall, Molinaro was high individual in swine, and fifth in reasons. Zurin was high individual in sheep, and fourth in swine.  Tiffany Dean was high individual in oral reasons.

At K.I.L.E they won high team overall for the third year in a row while competing against Virginia Tech, Ohio State University, Michigan State University, and Delaware Valley College. They were also high team in cattle, swine, and reasons. Adam Zurin won the contest and was second in cattle and high individual in swine, sheep, and reasons. Tiffany Dean was high individual in cattle, 2nd in swine, 5th reasons, and 4th overall.  Mike Woods was 2nd in sheep, 10th in swine, and 6th overall. 

Chris Molinaro was 7th in swine, 10th in reasons, and 11th overall. At the American Royal in Kansas City, Zurin finished 5th in sheep and 13th overall out of 120 contestants. The team placed 12th in sheep, 15th in swine, 17th in beef, and 18th in reasons, and finished 15th overall while competing against 24 other universities. At the North American Zurin finished in the top 30 in cattle out of 130 contestants. 

Dairy Cattle Judging Team

Dairy Judging Team 2008
Dairy Judging Team at World Expo. Left to Right: Coach Dale
Olver, Robyn Bechtel, Jennifer Rassler, Elizabeth Smith, Amy Miller

The Dairy Cattle Judging Team earned 2nd place overall at the National Contest at the World Dairy Expo. Elizabeth Smith was high individual overall, and Robyn Bechtel was first in Milking Shorthorns and 9th overall. Amy Miller was 5th in Jerseys.

All three earned All-American recognition. At the Eastern States Exposition and the All-American Contest in Harrisburg, the team placed first in Jerseys, 3rd in reasons, 6th in Milking Shorthorns and Brown Swiss, and 4th overall. Smith was high individual for Jerseys and 5th overall.

Jennifer Rassler was 5th in Jerseys. At the All-American Contest, the team placed 2nd in Jerseys, 5th in Brown Swiss, 6th in reasons, 7th in Guernseys, 10th in Ayrshires, and 6th overall. Smith was 3rd high individual overall and first for Ayrshires. Bechtel placed 2nd in Jerseys and Miller placed 5th in Jerseys.