Graduate Student News

Posted: December 17, 2008

Degree program completions, publications, graduate study leave, and other activities
  • Jorge Elizondo-Salazar completed his Ph.D. and is now on the faculty of Animal Sciences at the University of Costa Rica.
  • Congratulations to Brian House on successfully completing his M.S. defense.
  • Gustavo Lascano, Ph.D. candidate in Animal Science, is on international graduate study leave. He spent the fall semester at the Lethridge Research Centre in Alberta, Canada, to be followed by three months at Zamarano University in Honduras, three months at Wageningen University in The Netherlands, and a 2-month stay at the University of Bologna, Italy. His focus is dairy heifer nutrition.
  • Geoff Zanton, Ph.D. advisee of Jud Heinrichs, successfully defended his dissertation in November.