Judging Teams

Posted: December 6, 2007

Livestock and Dairy achievements


The Penn State Livestock Judging Team recently completed a successful fall season. They won one contest and had two team members win high individual in two of the five contests they competed in.  Team members were Nichole Fogleman, Kyle Grim, Russell Larson, Deborah McAllister, and Amber Shollenberger.  At the Eastern National Livestock Judging Contest, Debbie McAllister had an outstanding day earning high individual in cattle, 2nd in reasons and swine, and 3rd in sheep on her way to high individual overall in the contest.  Debbie's win marked the third year in a row that a Penn State member has won high individual at this contest.  The team then won the livestock judging contest at K.I.L.E. for the second year in a row as they beat out teams from the University of Illinois, Ohio State University, University of Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University and West Virginia University. 

Penn State was high team in beef cattle for the 3rd year in a row. They were also high team in sheep and second in swine and reasons.  The team had an especially consistent day as each member excelled in multiple categories.  Nichole won high individual overall in the contest.  She was 4th in cattle and reasons, 7th swine, and 5th in sheep.  Amber finished 2nd overall, 5th in cattle, 10th in swine, and 4th in sheep.  Debbie finished 5th overall, 8th in cattle, 2nd in swine, and 7th in reasons.  Kyle was 10th overall and 6th in cattle.  Russell won high individual in sheep and was 6th in reasons. 

The team turned in another strong performance at the Stockman's Contest held in Frankfort, Indiana.  They took part in a mock contest at Purdue University on Friday and then competed in the Stockman's Contest held on Saturday.  This contest awards individuals only, with no team awards.  However as a team they stacked up very well against the competition.  Nichole Fogleman was 7th in cattle, 10th in swine and 9th overall.  Debbie McAllister was 4th in swine.

The team then competed at the American Royal Contest in Kansas City, MO and the North American International Livestock Expo, which is the national contest, held in Louisville, KY.  The American Royal had 23 teams and 115 contestants and the National Contest had 26 teams and 130 individuals.  Both contests were highly competitive.  The PSU team finished a respectable 12th in swine at both contests.  At the Royal, Nichole was the high member on the team with Russell and Debbie in the top 25 in sheep and swine, respectively.  At the National Contest Amber was the high Penn State member.  Debbie, Amber, and Nichole finished in the top 25 percent in swine reasons, cattle, and cattle reasons respectively.


The Penn State Dairy Cattle Judging Team had a great season this fall.  Team members include Charlene Barlieb, Pen Argyl; Trisha Knight, Airville; Turner Swartz, Port Royal; and David Wilson, Port Royal.  At the All-American Invitational Contest in Harrisburg, the team ranked first for oral reasons, Holsteins, and Guernseys on their way to a sixth-place overall finish.  Individually, Turner Swartz was high individual for Guernseys and placed third in Holsteins.  Knight placed third in oral reasons, fourth in Holsteins and Guernseys, and fifth in Ayrshires, while Wilson placed third in Guernseys. Nineteen schools participated in the contest.  At Eastern States Exposition, the team placed first for Jerseys and Milking Shorthorns and third in oral reasons.  Barlieb placed fourth overall, and Wilson was high individual for Milking Shorthorns.

The Penn State dairy judging team had a terrific day at the World Dairy Expo! They were the top team overall by a large margin (over 20 teams participated). They also were 1st in reasons, 1st in Ayrshires, Brown Swiss and Jerseys, and top five for the remaining four breeds. Charlene Barlieb was the high individual and top in reasons, Trisha Knight was 2nd place and 2nd in reasons, Turner Swartz was 9th, and Dave Wilson was 13th and 10th in reasons.



The PA 4-H team was 9th out of 30 teams and Ben Cashell (Penn State first-year student) was 14th.