Special Recognition and Thanks

The Department History Committee

Lester Burdette
Bob Cowan
Tom Merritt
Grant Sherritt
Larry Specht
John Zeigler
Don Ace, Chair


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Most projects require assistance beyond the work of the committee members. Our efforts to write the history of the Dairy and Animal Science Department were greatly aided by others to whom we offer our thanks and gratitude  to the following:

  • Earl Kesler for loaning his file of historical data
  • Mike Bezilla, who wrote the History of the College of Agriculture
  • Christian Vinten-Johansen , Dairy and Animal Science Webmaster from 1999-2005, for his help with the photos and production of the Web version of this history
  • Carol Gene Ertley for arranging meeting schedules and sites
  • Sandra Gunsallus for typing/editing the manuscript

Bezilla's History of the College of Agriculture and Frank Zettle's History of Cooperative Extension (1983) offered much background information, and we have borrowed from both publications.