How Can Companies Offer an Internship?

  • Any farm or company can start an internship just as they would advertise a job.  The main issue is that the employer understands that an internship is not an opportunity to obtain inexpensive labor.  An internship by design is a learning experience relevant to the student's educational program and assists them in establishing and achieving career goals appropriate to their specific professional growth.
  • The employer should provide us with a job description and/or schedule of the intern's anticipated activities, experiences and responsibilities during the internship period.
  • A representative of the agency approved to supervise an intern must interview and select among the potential candidate(s).
  • When the agency selects a participant for the internship program, it is expected to provide a variety of experiences for the intern and a program sufficiently flexible to permit intern involvement on specific projects.
  • The agency may provide wages, reimbursement for travel and other needs while the student is on the internship.  The intern has contracted with the agency as an independent agent and is therefore considered a bona fide employee of the agency.
  • For further information or questions contact the Animal Science Internship Coordinator, Phillip J. Clauer  814-863-8960