For Younger Students Interested in Animal Science

This information is for youth interested in the Animal Sciences who are high school sophomores, who are in junior high school, and who are in grade school.

Are you interested in working with and learning about animals but are too young to apply to college? Penn State offers plenty of opportunities for younger students in high school, junior high, and grade school.

Learn about Animals in 4-H!

Pennsylvania 4-H Animal Programs are open to all youth - with or without farm backgrounds. As a 4-H member, you can learn about animal care by participating in events, shows, and hands-on projects. You can work with companion animals (dogs, cats, and other small pets), horses, dairy and beef cattle, goats, sheep, swine, and poultry.

Learn how to get started in Animal Science at Penn State!

See our options, courses, clubs and teams. See what our students are doing to learn and have fun. Meet some of our graduates and find out how they've shaped their careers!


Alumnus Michael Haynes

Alumnus Michael Haynes, National Football League

"For me, there was really no option but the ag sciences because I wanted to work with animals. The College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State is first-rate, and the Animal Sciences major is demanding. As a student, I liked working with beef cattle and wildlife the most, and really enjoyed the day-to-day work with the cattle at the farm. In my mind, an agricultural degree is as tough as pre-medicine, and actually I think it is harder to be a vet than a doctor, because animals can't tell you what's wrong with them. After professional football, I plan to earn a master's degree in animal husbandry and then go to veterinary school."

Alumnus Heather (Oberholtzer) Hostetter

Alumnus Heather (Oberholtzer) Hostetter, Monsanto Dairy Business

"The thing I remember the most about the program is that there were just all these people who had a love for Ag and were willing to share and learn from each other..."