My goal as a teacher is to provide students access to information and experiences that allow them to more effectively develop and pursue their own life objectives. A challenge to teaching today is helping students filter and make efficient use of the overwhelming amount of information that is available. I believe it is both important to utilize new technology and resources in teaching while at the same time incorporating the hands-on, time dependent learning that often sets concepts and ideas in the mind. The equine science courses I teach require both these components for students to be well prepared for careers in the horse industry.

  • Equine Nutrition, ANSC 467 - An in depth examination of the topic of equine nutrition. This class covers gastrointestinal anatomy and physiology, nutritional requirements, and nutrition applied to health and athletic production. Prerequisites: AN SC 327 , AN SC 301
  • Advanced Horse Production and Management, ANSC 407 - Detailed study of anatomy and physiology of the horse as related to nutrition, reproduction, athletic ability, unsoundness and control of diseases and parasites. Detailed discussion of management practices, facility design and contemporary issues. Prerequisite: AN SC 327 , AN SC 400