Melissa Cantor

Melissa Cantor

  • Assistant Professor Precision Dairy Science
345 Ag Science & Industries Bldg.
University Park, PA 16802

Areas of Expertise

  • Epidemiology
  • Animal behavior
  • OneHealth
  • Precision livestock farming
  • Animal welfare
  • Dairy calf management
  • Calf nutrition


  • University of Kentucky. BSc. Animal Science, 2011
  • UW-Madison. MSc. Dairy Science, 2015.
  • University of Kentucky Ph.D. Animal Science, 2021.
  • University of Guelph Post-doctoral fellowship, 2021-2023.

Dr. Melissa Cantor is an Assistant Professor in Precision Dairy Science at Penn State University. Cantor has an applied dairy research program that explores the potential of new precision technologies and investigates the impact of disease, precision nutrition strategies, and environment on the health, performance, and welfare of purebred and dairy x beef cattle. Cantor has an extension program focused on strengthening stakeholder partnerships throughout the dairy industry. For example, Cantor is a leader for the Penn State Dairy Nutrition workshop which brings hundreds of industry representatives together with over two dozen speakers annually. Cantor also works with producers to bring them together to improve the use of precision technologies on their farm, and has a “calf success” extension program by providing educational material to producers in topics surrounding dairy calf and heifer management. Cantor is passionate about undergraduate research; their precision technology program started as an undergraduate at U. Kentucky (BSc. 2011), where they developed a corrective algorithm for a temperature bolus to adjust for water intake in lactating cattle. For UW-Madison (MSc. 2015), they quantified the impacts of improving calf welfare through nutritional concepts: feeding high planes of milk to calves and feeding probiotics as an antimicrobial alternative. The dissertation (PhD. 2021) used sickness behavior classified by wearable sensors to monitor the health of preweaned calves. Cantor’s post-doc training was at the Ontario Veterinary College with an emphasis on Population Medicine. (U. Guelph 2021-2023). Cantor's expertise focuses in epidemiology,  animal behavior, precision livestock farming concepts, OneHealth, and dairy calf nutrition.


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