Gabriella A. Varga

Gabriella A. Varga

  • University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Animal Science


  • B.S., Biology, Duquesne University 1973
  • M.S., Animal Science, University of Rhode Island, 1975
  • Ph.D., Animal Science, University of Maryland, 1978

Focus and Interests

Gabriella A. Varga is a Professor in the Department of Dairy and Animal Science at Penn State University and has been a member of the faculty since 1985. Gabriella has a research, teaching and extension appointment in the department. Her research focuses on management strategies for late gestation and early postpartum dairy cows that will minimize the incidence of periparturient metabolic disorders and enhance profitability on the dairy farm. Her research also focuses on the impact of forage sources on nitrogen balance, ammonia emission from manure, dry matter intake, nitrogen efficiency, and milk production in lactating dairy cows. Her research program incorporates basic and applied concepts to provide a mechanistic understanding of factors affecting the needs of the transition cow while providing information that can be used directly by the dairy producer. Gabriella teaches a junior and senior level dairy management and nutrition class for undergraduates and ruminant physiology for graduate students.

Gabriella will retire from Penn State University December, 2013.

Research and Professional Experience

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, West Virginia University, 1979-1982
  • Research Animal Scientist, USDA, ARS, 1982-1985
  • Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania State University, 1985- 1991
  • Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University, 1991-1996
  • Professor, Pennsylvania State University, 1996-present
  • University Distinguished Professor of Animal Science, Pennsylvania State University, 2001- present

Teaching Experience

  • AN SC 310 (3 credits; Spring), Dairy Cattle Production
  • AN SC 410 (4 credits; Fall), Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Management
  • AN SC 496 (1-3 credits) Independent Studies
  • AN SC 506 (3 credits; Fall), Ruminology

Membership in Professional Societies

  • American Society of Animal Science
  • American Dairy Science Association

Awards and Honors

  • National Research Council Dairy subcommittee 1997-2001
  • American Feed Industry Award, American Dairy Science Association, 2000
  • College of Agricultural Science Nesbitt Award, 2005 and 2006
  • College Outstanding Research Partners Award, 2005
  • Nutrition Professionals Award, American Dairy Science Association, 2008
  • Excellence in Advising Award, College of Agricultural Sciences, 2009

Selected Publications

  • Aldrich, J. M., L. A. Holden, L. D. Muller, and G. A. Varga. 1997. Rumen availabilities of nonstructural carbohydrate and protein estimated from in situ incubation of ingredients versus diets. Anim. Feed Sci. Tech. 63:257.
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