Posted: November 28, 2023

Mike Lormore, DVM, MS, MBA, was recognized as the 2023 Distinguished Dairy Science alumnus in Penn State’s Department of Animal Science at a reception at the University in October.

Lormore is the Executive Director and Head of Cattle & Pork Technical Services at Zoetis, where he began working in January, 2010 as the Director of U.S. Dairy Cattle Technical Services. Before Zoetis, he worked at Monsanto, Pfizer, Elanco, and as a consultant with Bain & Co. He started his career as a practicing veterinarian at Countryside Veterinary Clinic in Lowville, NY. Lormore and his family currently live in Eagle, ID.

Lormore received his M.S. in Animal Science at Penn State, concentrating in ruminant nutrition and dairy cattle management. A native of New York, Lormore earned his B.S. degree from Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and his D.V.M. from the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell. He then received his M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He was also a fellow in Animal Health Economics at the Center for Animal Health and Productivity at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

He has extensive experience in the dairy industry as a veterinarian, nutritionist, economist, business leader and consultant. A cornerstone of his career has been bringing new technologies and innovative thinking to agricultural markets, with a heavy focus on helping the dairy industry develop and adopt forward-thinking theories in animal care, dairy management, and economic decision analysis to help ensure the sustainability of the industry.

Dr. Adele Turzillo, Head of the Department of Animal Science, said, “It is a pleasure to recognize Mike for his leadership and commitment to the dairy industry in Pennsylvania and across the country, and for his willingness to share his expertise. We are especially grateful he presented a seminar, describing his positive philosophy with our students and faculty as he challenged them to strive for success and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.”

Lormore said, “I am honored to receive this meaningful award. Looking over the long list of those who received it before me, I recognize a common thread: they all had a platform and were willing to lead into the future. Each understood the importance of people and communication and was willing to take risks, believing they were moving everyone towards a better tomorrow. It is indeed an honor, and I am deeply appreciative.”

Lormore is well known throughout Pennsylvania for working with dairy producers, veterinarians and allied industry. He served as Animal Industry Liaison for the Department and was a leader in the Strategic Visioning Program of the Economic Education Committee of the Pennsylvania Dairy Stakeholders. He served on many organizing committees and remains a frequent presenter at a wide range of industry meetings and conferences.

Especially supportive of students at Penn State, Lormore offered his expertise to train students about the importance of innovation, health and productivity on business profitability. Gabriella Varga, University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Animal Science, recalled his support for students, saying, “He provided tremendous insights into the dairy industry from his national perspective and was particularly helpful in providing students with knowledge relative to understanding the dairy as a business.” She noted that he has a great sense of people, is a true leader and garners great respect from those who work with him.

 At his recognition, Lormore presented the Hill Seminar, “Success is a Team Sport: The Importance of People, the Importance of Courage, and the Importance of Luck.” All of the seminar elements were ideas he gained throughout his career, each of which he wished he had known at the start of his career. While at the University, he also taught an Animal Science class on Careers in Animal Agriculture.

Lormore clearly stated his vision for the future: “If we are going to solve big issues around food availability and nutrition as well as environmental and rural community sustainability, we need an approach that recognizes our interdependence.”

He said his career has always been about bringing together great people who could see a bigger purpose than what was in it for themselves. He said the dairy technical organizations he worked for were focused on bringing together great people, saying, “They were all leaders and changed the way that service and education and innovative products and technology could be brought together to improve the health, productivity and wellness of cattle, the viability of farms, the health and safety of our food supply, and the sustainability of both our industry and the environment. We still have much to achieve. And we need to be great at teamwork!”