Penn State Animal Science Professor Receives Grant

Posted: March 9, 2015

Dr. Lineen, left, accepts the ANCW grant from ANCW president Patti Beck.

Dr. Lineen, left, accepts the ANCW grant from ANCW president Patti Beck.

Dr. Sara Linneen, Assistant Professor of Animal Science in the Department of Animal Science, received a grant from the American National Cattlewomen to conduct research on the effects of grazing management and monensin on cow production using spring-calving beef cows and calves. The inaugural grant was supported by generous contributions from the Dr. Kenneth and Caroline McDonald Eng Foundation. The grant was presented to Dr. Linneen at the annual meeting of the American National Cattlewomen held in conjunction with the trade show and meeting of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) in San Antonio, TX, Feb. 2-5.

Linneen wrote the grant in collaboration with Dr. Jessica Williamson, Extension Field Crops Educator, and Ben Williamson, Instructor of Animal Science. 

The experiment will begin in June, 2015, for a 64 day study, and will be repeated for a total of three years. Sixty-four Angus based spring-calving pairs on a 64-acre tract at the Penn State University Haller Farm will be used in the study. Treatments will be applied in a 2 x 2 factorial completely randomized design using:  1. Monensin (200 mg./head/day) or no monensin, and 2. Rotational grazing or continuous grazing.  The area will be split into eight (2 replications/treatment) paddocks each totaling 8 acres, all of similar species composition. Each pasture will contain 8 pairs.  Pairs on the rotational treatment will be rotated through 2 acre pastures every 7 days.  Researchers will measure cow and calf body weight, cow body condition score, cow backfat, forage quality, forage availability, botanical composition and species frequency of the forage.