Penn State Extension Dairy Team Announces Free Grazing Webinars

Posted: November 21, 2014

Three online seminars focus on grazing for dairy systems. The first is December 10; register by December 9.

The first of a series of three online seminars devoted to grazing for dairy systems will be held on December 10. Registration is free, and all seminars will be from 1 to 2 p.m.

With dairy producers adopting grazing systems in an attempt to reduce the input costs and increase the profit margin per cow, current research and basic management issues can help producers at every level of interest, from experienced to novice to conventional and/or organic grazers. 

Webinars include:

* Dec. 10 - Grazing Guides for Dairy Systems Webinar Series: Tall Grass Grazing for Dairies. Learn how the practice of tall grass grazing, popular in beef cattle, can be applied to dairy grazing. Mena Hautau, Penn State Extension Educator

* Jan. 14 - Grazing Guides for Dairy Systems Webinar Series: Collecting a Forage Sample and Interpreting the Analysis. Providing adequate and balanced nutrition is important for maintaining production and animal health, so knowing what you feed your cows is vital.  Mat Haan, Penn State Extension Educator

* Feb. 11 - Grazing Guides for Dairy Systems Webinar Series: Alternative Supplementation Strategies for Grazing Dairy Cows. Recent and on-going research on supplementing dairy cows with molasses, flaxseed and fodder provides information on quantity and quality of nutritional requirements for grazing cows. Kathy Soder, USDA-ARS

This webinar series qualifies for 1 SmartStart credits for every 2 webinars from AgChoice Farm Credit.

Registration is free and can be done online at

For more information contact Mathew M. Haan, Penn State Dairy Educator, 1238 County Welfare Rd., Suite 110, Leesport, PA 19533 or, or 610-378-1327.