Meat-In Day at Penn State Huge Success

Posted: April 21, 2014

Penn State's Collegiate Cattlewomen and Block and Bridle Clubs joined to promote the importance of animal products in the diet.

Penn State Collegiate Cattlewomen joined with the Block and Bridle Club to sponsor their seventh Meat-In Day at the Palmer Art Museum and Pollock Commons on the University Park Campus. Meat-In Day was founded by Collegiate Cattlewomen to promote more awareness about the health benefits of including animal products in the diet.

In addition to talking with fellow students and faculty, members of the two student clubs within the Department of Animal Science handed out cheese sticks, beef jerky, ham jerky and bologna.

"Patty Melt," the giant hamburger appeared and was a big hit, making those who saw her as she traveled around campus smile. She handed out free samples to those looking like they needed a snack. 

Collegiate Cattlewomen and the Block and Bridle Clubs are grateful to members who dedicated their spare time on March 19th to discuss the importance of animal products in the everyday diet and to answers to several probing questions from consumers. These student leaders will be continue to advocates for including animal products in the diet and debunking many of the myths that are part of today's society.