Dr. Michael Lilburn Named Poultry Science Distinguished Alumnus

Posted: April 28, 2014

The Department of Animal Science will honor Dr. Lilburn on May 2 at a reception at University Park. He is the second recipient of this award.

Dr. Michael S. Lilburn will be honored as Penn State's Department of Animal Science's 2014 Poultry Science Distinguished Alumnus at a reception at University Park on May 2, from 2 to 4 p.m. at 324 ASI.  He will also be recognized at the Poultry Science Club's annual Spring Awards Banquet at Celebration Hall that evening.

Dr. Lilburn is professor at the Ohio State University's Department of Animal Sciences, Poultry Research Center. In December, 2013 he was named a Poultry Science Association (PSA) Fellow for professional distinction and outstanding contributions to the field of poultry science. He teaches or has taught graduate courses in proteins/amino acids and advanced non-ruminant nutritional physiology. He was an original member of the faculty group that developed the Midwest Poultry Consortium Summer program in Poultry Science and taught the poultry nutrition course for 15 years. 

He received his B.S. from St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY, and then entered the nutrition graduate program in the Department of Poultry Science at Penn State where he was mentored by Dr. Roland Leach. He earned both his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees at Penn State.

Dr. Terry Etherton, Head of the Department of Animal Science, said, "It is a particular pleasure to congratulate Dr. Lilburn on this special recognition since I have known him since he was a graduate student.  Moreover, I have watched his career ascent.  Mike has made significant contributions to the poultry industry both through his outstanding research and his exemplary teaching."

His service to the PSA includes being scientific program chair at both the 1995  (Edmonton) and 2000 (Montreal) annual meetings and serving as director from 2002-2004, and as a member of the Executive Committee, 2008-2012.  He was president in 2011.

Dr. Lilburn has authored or co-authored 97 peer reviewed scientific papers and garnered over $2 million in competitive research grants.

He received the American Feed Industry Award for Research Award in Poultry Nutrition in 1998, the National Turkey Federation Research Award in 2002, and the Maple Leaf Duck Research Award in 2013.

He has served as Associate Editor of the World's Poultry Science Journal since 2003, and as Associate Editor for the Journal of Applied Poultry Research since 1990. He was Associate Editor of Poultry Science from 1993-2006 and has served as ad hoc reviewer for Journal of Nutrition, Lipids, Journal of Lipid Research, Journal of Animal Science and Animal Feed Science Technology.

Dr. Lilburn is a native of Fairfield, CT.