Penn State's Extension Dairy Team Introduces Expanded Version of Mobile App

Posted: August 21, 2013

DairyCentsPRO - Producer Version is a mobile app that allows dairy producers to enter farm-specific information and get information on profitability.

 DairyCentsPro-Producer Version, Phase II of the mobile app DairyCents, is designed to allow dairy producers to enter their farm specific information to get reliable information on their profitability. Introduced at Ag Progress Days, the app, specifically, will determine feed cost per cow, income over feed cost (IOFC) per cow, milk margin per cwt and the percent of income going towards feed costs by entering information on milk price, production, cow groups and rations. Results can be graphed so the producer can view over time how their herd is performing.

Pennsylvania dairy producer Dale Brown, who has tried the new app, says, "DairyCents allows me to fine tune the major cost in production, feed and allows me to compare my feed prices and feed efficiencies to my peers.  I also can look at my IOFC and look at historical trends."

Other components that can be evaluated by the app are dry matter intake, dry matter intake efficiency, milk nitrogen efficiency and phosphorus intake and excretion. This information can be graphed by group or by the lactating herd on a monthly basis. A dairy producer can monitor how ration changes affect these various metrics and reflect on what might be realistic benchmarks for the herd and where opportunities lie for improvements.

Rebecca White, marketing manager for the Extension Dairy Team, said,  "We started working on this version last December and tested it with producers and consultants during the past few months to ensure the app is user friendly and the content is meaningful. We received feedback that they wanted benchmarks included so they would know how they are doing and what they can do if they are below the goal. We hope that this app will start a more effective dialog between producers and consultants to improve profitability and efficiencies."  

DairyCentsPRO - Consultant Version allows a dairy consultant to enter their clients' farm specific information for the same metrics as the producer version. 

Any number of farms can be entered into the consultant version of the DairyCentsPRO app, plus the consultant has the ability, with client permission, to import their clients' information if they are using the producer version. Jon Van Nieuwenhuyzen, Werkhoven Dairy Inc, Monroe, WA, said, "The results graph will be helpful to track my farm costs and N efficiency from month to month. I also like that I can share information with my nutritionist."

Dairy Cents has been available as a mobile App since last August and has been widely used with great success.  There are nearly 1,650 registered users.

The Penn State Extension Dairy Team's mobile app DairyCentsPro-Producer and Consultant versions may be downloaded through iTunes and will be available for Android devices through the Google Play Store in the future.