Penn State Livestock Team Competes in All-East Intercollegiate Livestock Contest

Posted: April 17, 2013

Livestock team places fifth overall in the three day competition held at the University of Tennessee.

Students from Penn State's Department of Animal Science competed successfully in the three-day All-East Intercollegiate Livestock Contest held at the University of Tennessee, April 7, 8 and 9. Seventy-five contestants from 11 different colleges and universities east of the Mississippi River participated in the contest.

Members were Denise Beam, Elverson; Kylie Kiess, Cogan Station; Kelsey Morgan, Mapleton Depot; Jessie Ross, Connellsville; Dakota Grove, Chambersburg; Kate Livingston, Dover; and Troy Longenecker, Annville. Coaches were Robert Mikesell, senior instructor, and Wendell Landis, beef/sheep complex manager.

The team placed fifth overall, fifth in the three-day sheep competition and fifth in the three-day cattle competition. Denise Beam was fifth high individual in the three-day cattle competition and Tory Longenecker was eighth.

The contest is designed to test student skills in all aspects of livestock evaluation and selection, ranging from determining value of market livestock to evaluating performance data for various production scenarios, to orally defending class placings with oral reasons. Awards were given for each species and overall for each day, then contestants were ranked for each species and overall for the entire 3-day event.

Dr. Terry Etherton, Head of the Department of Animal Science, said, "I congratulate the team and our students who excelled at this demanding national competition. The strong placing represents a very strong commitment by team members and reflects their hard work and outstanding academic background they have received."

In the first day's competition, students estimated carcass parameters, priced, and ranked six classes of market livestock. Penn State's team was third in cattle evaluation, fifth in swine evaluation and 5th overall. Kylie Kiess was first overall in cattle evaluation; Beam was 9th.

In the second day of competition, teams were presented with six breeding stock selection classes and three keep/cull classes. In addition they were challenged with 10 questions on each of the classes, to be answered from memory. The Penn State team was fifth in cattle selection, fourth in swine selection and fourth in overall selection.  Individually, Beam was fifth in cattle selection; Kate Livingston was sixth in swine selection, and Longenecker was eighth in swine selection and overall evaluation.

In a traditional livestock judging contest on the final day, teams judged 12 classes and gave eight sets of oral reasons. The Penn State team was fourth in cattle, sheep, swine, and placed fifth overall and in oral reasons. Beam was seventh in sheep and swine and tenth overall.

Teaching Assistants Ethan Whiteside, Alyssa Dietrich, Ben Kline, and Robbie McCammon also assisted in coaching the team.