Know your Numbers: Cropping and Nutritional Strategies To Improve a Dairy Farm's Cash Flow

Posted: August 26, 2013

Penn State's Extension Dairy Team offers a workshop for consultants focused on cash flow planning.

Improving a dairy farm's cash flow can have a strong impact on the farm's profitability. To develop an understanding of the importance of cash flow planning, Penn State's Extension Dairy Team is offering a workshop that demonstrates how cash flow influences profitability. Seminars can be scheduled from September through December, 2013. Hosts may be companies, like seed and feed companies or veterinarians, who wish to provide training to their clients or employees.

The program can be a one hour informational talk or an intensive four-hour training, with locations determined by the requesting company. The cost for the longer program is $20 per participant.

Participants will need a laptop computer with Excel version 2007 or higher for minor data entry. Key information will be recorded from various cropping strategies to see how each change impacted the cash flow plan. The Extension Dairy Team will summarize key data from farms' cash flow plans and income over feed costs to show the areas with the greatest impact on dairy farm profitability.

This program is geared to companies and personnel interested in learning how adjustments to cropping strategies and precision feeding can optimize the margin between milk income and feed costs. Specialists will present work from across Pennsylvania and the northeast on cash flow planning, alternative cropping strategies and high forage based diets.

This program is eligible for one SmartStart credit from AgChoice Farm Credit.

The Extension Dairy Team is taking requests now for the program. Companies or organizations interested in scheduling a workshop can contact: Virginia Ishler, Penn State nutrient management specialist, at 814-863-3912 or or Tim Beck, extension educator, at 717-870-7702 or