Department of Animal Science - An Update!

Posted: March 19, 2013

Eight months after the restructuring that created the Department of Animal Science, relationships are strengthened and expanded.

It has been over eight months since the transition to the new Department of Animal Science took place, and, as promised, it has been seamless. The close working relationships between the two Departments - Dairy and Animal Science and Poultry Science - that have always existed have been strengthened and expanded. The Department continues to be a national leader, offering exceptional undergraduate and graduate academic programs, and we continue our outstanding research and extension leadership. Our talented and professional staff and faculty have an extraordinary commitment to excellence.

With the restructuring of the College of Agricultural Sciences that took place July 1, all county-based Penn State extension educators with responsibilities in dairy, equine, poultry, livestock are aligned with the Department, creating an even closer relationship and allowing for more effective collaborations. This has benefitted all stakeholders throughout Pennsylvania, expanding the historical connections between faculty and educators in the field.

As we work to meet the challenges presented by significant budget cuts, we have made the decision, with reluctance, to no longer publish and mail the twice-yearly Hoofprints newsletter. The annual Poultry Science Update, while now offered electronically, will also no longer be published in newsletter format. As you appreciate, we wish to sustain our communications with our valued alumni and friends while encouraging continued interaction with the Department. To do this, we will rely on our departmental website to convey news.

Ongoing news is reported on a regular basis on our website and in the farm press: this includes achievements of students and faculty, coverage of our very active and successful student clubs, and other significant accomplishments. We are committed to continuing that coverage.

The web page includes the latest news, important upcoming events and seminars. By going to the alumni section of the Animal Science homepage, you can stay connected with upcoming events specifically of interest to alumni of the Department of Animal Science.

A popular feature of both newsletters has been updating alumni on the comings and goings within the Department, including milestones by graduate students, awards, honors and achievements. We will continue chronicling these accomplishments through a new link to be featured both on the alumni page and the homepage, called "Spotlight." That section will be designed to bring attention to a wide range of recognitions, all with the purpose of keeping friends and alumni informed and connected.

The Department offers world-class teaching, research, and extension programs in a wide variety of key areas in animal agriculture and the food system. We are committed to continuing this tradition of excellence, building on our rich heritage of outstanding leadership throughout the entire agricultural community.

One of our greatest strengths is our alumni - we value your continued support and your input. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at or 814-863-3665.

And, please visit our website,

All the best,

Terry D. Etherton