Best Milking Practices Workshop Offers Training in On-Farm Culturing

Posted: February 8, 2013

Penn State Extension Dairy Team has scheduled two workshops to help increase milk quality through collecting and indentifying on-farm cultures.

The Penn State Extension Dairy Team is offering two workshops to help producers improve income by increasing production and premium benefits and decrease cost of treatment for mastitis. These hands-on workshops are designed for dairy producers, employees and milkers and will focus on proper methods for collecting and identifying cultures.

Participants will learn the importance of early detection of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis and proper treatment protocols, gaining essential tools for early detection of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis. They will also acquire the proper techniques for collecting milk cultures, setting up cultures for on-farm identification and the knowledge to identify bacteria growth.

More information about the workshops, including dates and registration information can be found at the Best Milking Practices: On Farm Culturing course page.