Dairy Producers Learn to Optimize Test Day Records

Posted: October 1, 2012

Webinar series offered by the Penn State Extension Dairy Team provides in-depth analysis tools to dairy producers, their employees and advisers.

Dairy producers can register now for an online webinar series using the Penn State Dairy Data Analysis Tools to better assess their monthly dairy test day records. A series of four separate analysis trainings is being offered by the Penn State Extension Dairy Team on October 29, November 5, November 12 and November 19.

Designed for dairy producers, their employees and advisers, the sessions will utilize customized online spreadsheets to assess monthly dairy test day records on culling, somatic cell count, fat-to-protein ration and milk yield.

Each session is held from 10:30 a.m. to noon (EST/EDT). A computer with high-speed internet connection and speakers is needed to see and hear the presentations, and a microphone is recommended.

Registration fee is $20 per person per session, or $50 to participate in all four sessions.

Participants will have access to specialized online tools to assist with the interpretation and assessment of monthly records, and learn alternative ways to interpret monthly records. Analyzing monthly test day records graphically and dynamically may aid producers in determining which cows or groups of animals are not performing to their optimal potential.

Participants may select any combination of the series. Specific dates and topics are:

* October 29: Culling analysis

* November 5: Somatic cell analysis

* November 12: Fat-to-protein ratio analysis

* November 19: Milk yield analysis

Instructor for the course is Robert Goodling, Extension associate, Department of Animal Science.

Advance registration is required no later than noon on the Friday preceding the session. Upon registering for the webinar, attendees will receive the training site URL and other log-in information.

This program is eligible for one SmartStart credit from AgChoice Farm Credit if you attend two sessions.

Register online with your credit card at: extension/