Neuropathogenic Equine Herpes Virus - April 2008

Posted: April 25, 2008

Neuropathogenic Equine Herpes Virus -Update ---Animal Health Emergency Management and Information Network, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Animal Health and Diagnostic Services

As of Friday morning,
April 25, 2008, all of the possibly exposed, quarantined horses in Bucks and Carbon Counties have tested NEGATIVE for EHV by PCR testing of blood and nasal swab samples.  These samples were taken by PDA veterinarians this week after 3 weeks with no clinical signs of EHV on any of the premises.  There were no clinical cases beyond the initial horse which died on April 3. 


The Carbon County premises and 2 of the Bucks County premises were backyard horse operations with 1 horse at each which had possibly been exposed to the horse that died.  The Bucks County barn where the sick horse resided was the only larger, multiple owner horse facility involved.  Extensive sanitation efforts at that barn were used made to eliminate this virus from the facilities and equipment.


The impressive containment and biosecurity efforts taken by the barn veterinarian and the barn management are most likely the reason that this remained a single horse incident.  PDA thanks all those involved in this effort.




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