Equine Glanders Out Break Affects Equine Transport

Posted: October 13, 2008

Glanders is a bacterial disease of perissodactyls (odd-toe dungulates) with zoonotic potential that has been known since ancient times. The incubation period is from a few days to many months. Glanders is transmissible to humans by direct contact with sick animals or infected materials. In the untreated acute disease, there is 95% mortality within 3 weeks.

A case of glanders in a horse in a Sao Paulo, Brazil, has impacted international transport and competition in Brazil and abroad. Event organizers, equine transport companies, and governmental authorities are working closely together to keep horses moving while minimizing risks.

A horse in a university veterinary hospital was diagnosed with glanders on Sept. 3. While glanders is considered endemic in some northern and north-eastern areas of the country, this case occurred in the southeastern portion of Brazil. The contagious disease has been eradicated from many countries, including the United States, Canada and Western Europe.  Learn more: