Poultry and Avian Science Minor

The Poultry and Avian Science (PAS) Minor is designed for students who wish to supplement their academic major with studies focused on the biology, management, and diseases of various avian species with an emphasis on domestic fowl.


Students are required to complete a minimum of 18 credits, at least nine of which must be at the 400 level. A grade of C or better must be obtained in each course in order to complete the minor. The prescribed courses provide a foundation of knowledge pertaining to both avian sciences and the commercial poultry industry, while additional courses selected by the student will allow for further specialization and expertise in poultry management, poultry evaluation and selection, ornithology, animal genetics and breeding, nutrition, physiology, growth and development, products technology, and general animal pathology

Prescribed Courses

  • AN SC 211 (3) Introduction to Avian Biology
  • AN SC 311 (3) Poultry Production and Management
  • AN SC 425 (3) Principles of Avian Diseases

Additional Courses

Students must select 3 credits from the following:

  • AG BM 302 (3) Food Product Marketing
  • AG BM 338 (3) Agribusiness in the Global Economy
  • AN SC 207 (2) Animal Products Technology
  • AN SC 208 (1) Animal Products Technology Laboratory
  • AN SC 300 (3) Integrated Animal Biology
  • AN SC 301 (3) Principles of Animal Nutrition
  • AN SC 322 (3) Principles of Animal Breeding
  • AN SC 395 (up to 3) Animal Sciences Internship (must have a poultry or avian biology emphasis)
  • W F S 300 (2) The Vertebrates
  • W F S 301 (2) Vertebrate Laboratory

Additional Credits

Students must select 6 credits from the following:

  • AG BM 407 (3) Farm Planning and Financial Management
  • AG BM 408 (3) Financial Decision Making for Agribusiness
  • AG BM 420 (3) Agribusiness Markets and Prices
  • AG BM 460 (3) Managing the Food System
  • AN SC 418 (3) Nutrient Management in Agricultural Systems
  • AN SC 420 (4) Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology
  • AN SC 421 (2) Poultry Evaluation and Selection
  • AN SC 423 (3) Comparative Physiology of Domestic Animals
  • AN SC 496 (up to 3) Independent Studies (must have a poultry or avian biology emphasis)
  • FD SC 408 (2) Applied Food Microbiology
  • FD SC 409W (3) Laboratory in Food Microbiology
  • FD SC 411 (2) Managing Food Quality
  • FD SC 415 (3) Science and Technology of Muscle Foods
  • VB SC 420 (3) General Animal Pathology
  • W F S 406 (1) Ornithology Laboratory
  • W F S 407 (3) Ornithology
  • W F S 447W (3) Wildlife Management


Students can enroll via LionPATH anytime after they have achieved at least fifth semester classification, but not later than the end of the sixth week of the student's final semester. Contact Dr. Robert G. Elkin to further discuss requirements for the minor.

Contact Information

Robert G. Elkin
  • Professor of Avian Nutritional Biochemistry
Phone: 814-863-2102