Careers associated with equine health including administration, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, marketers, researchers, etc.

Description:  This is a broad area encompassing all aspects related to equine health. Career opportunities in this area exist in all geographical areas. Within each of these categories are opportunities in the following areas: administration, marketing, researchers, technicians, and staff.

Proximity to Horses: Close

Specific careers related to health:

  • Equine health organizations
  • Equine Pharmaceuticals/neutraceuticals:  Responsible for the development and sales of products such as pharmaceuticals/neutraceuticals intended to improve equine health; also generally hire individuals to represent them in the area of sales to either veterinarians or individual equine facilities
  • Federal regulatory agencies of the United States (USDA, AVIS, NAHEMS, EMS)
  • Veterinarians—Opportunities include the following levels:
    • Clinicians: most prevalent at the local or regional level, oversee general health of the horse and develop relationship with clientele to oversee equine health on an annual basis; professional education (veterinary school) required
    • Specialists: specialize in a specific area related to equine health; may only see the horse to assist in overcoming emergency situations or unique experiences; may also oversee client care on an annual basis; professional education (veterinary school) required
    • Technicians: assist in the health care of the horse under the direction of either a clinician or specialist
  • Other areas including equine dentistry, equine therapy and equine chiropractic services. These generally require specialized certificates or training.

Preparation Required:  Some level of education or certification is going to be required for most of these positions ranging from completion of a two-year technician program or bachelors degree for a veterinary technician to completion of veterinary school to become a veterinarian.

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