An overview of various equine associations related to breed, discipline, common interest with emphasis on career opportunities. Quote by Michele Lynch (Secretary Mid-American Breeders Association).

Description:   There are more than ninety recognized breeds, some with subsets, in the United 2005 Horse World Expo Association Meeting States. There are also multiple breed and riding/driving disciplines or styles for various age-groups that also have their own needs and demands. Some examples include English, western, dressage, saddle seat, competitive trail, reining, cutting, barrel racing, roping, racing, polo, rodeo, pleasure, carriage, and driving industry. These are frequently divided further by breed and discipline from miniature horses to draft horses, ponies, and mules. Many of these breeds or disciplines are represented by associations at the local, state, national, and international levels.


Proximity to Horses: Varies

Specific careers related to associations:

  • Administration/leadership (may be elected and unpaid at the more local levels; generally paid, competitive application process at the national and international levels)
  • Development (fundraising)
    "An officer in our association (Mid American Equine Breeders Assoc.) would be a volunteer position.  There are no requirements necessary except that you attend regular board meetings and pitch in. It is very helpful if you are a well organized person and have a little bit of show experience.   A position in this association would offer you much experience & professional development that would look good on a resume. You would walk away with organizational skills, how to promote a business, and people knowing that you were dependable or responsible. There are memberships and nominations to keep track of. There are meetings and educational clinics to organize, judges to hire, draw up contracts and approve.   Promoting the association is another full time job. We currently have a volunteer that builds our website, sends out flyers and letters to equine owners in the area, plus making magazine ads to publish." - Michele Lynch, Secretary, Mid American Breeders Association
  • Event coordination
  • Fiscal management
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Marketing
  • Publications
  • Public relations
  • Registry work
  • Staff
  • Store room clerk

Preparation Required:

The type of preparation required is dependent on the specific position.  Some positions require only a high school education while others require highly specialized degrees.  Some degrees that might be required for specific positions include Business, Accounting, Communications, Marketing as well as legal and veterinarian certification.  In addition, employers generally look for potential employees who have a willingness and ability to learn, ability to do research to find answers and excellent customer service skills.  International experience and ability to speak foreign languages aren't necessarily required for all positions, but are beneficial.  Some positions require travel.

Educational Opportunities:

Educational seminars and opportunities for growth are often offered for both paid and volunteers in associations. 

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Michele Lynch, Mid American Breeders Association
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