Equine Agritourism consists of camps, trail rides and other opportunities where horses and entertainment co-exist.


Description:   This area is a result of the merging of agricultural and entertainment components.  Equine Agritourism provides opportunities for the general public to have access to horses for specific activities at the farm, camp or other equine-related facility.  The Agricultural Resource Marketing Center has a definition, checklist and resouces related to agritourism in general  ( ) and  a definition and links for equine agritourism specifically ( ).

Proximity to Horses: Close

Specific careers related to agritourism:

  • Camp management: generally very focused on a specific type of riding style or audience
  • Trail ride guides/scouts
  • Trail ride management

Preparation Required:   Assuming you have the land, horses and talent in that area, you will want to develop a business plan and do a thorough assessment of risk and reduction of liability.  You will want to work with trained professionals as you proceed.  Depending on your background, you may also need training in supervising employees, marketing, and other aspects of managing your own business. 

Educational Opportunities:   Check with your local Extension Office or state Departments of Agriculture or Tourism for workshops being offered.  They may also offer websites or events calendars which you can use to assist in promotion of your business.

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